Simplify your life, on and off the runway

RosterBuster makes it easy to view your airline's roster on the go! Join and connect with over 400,000 airline crew professionals worldwide.

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Designed for airline crew by airline crew.

Connect to your airline operations, communicate with crew, sync and share your busy schedule and manage life beyond the airport with ease, for better work-life balance.
Roster on the go
Always conveniently have access to your airline's roster
Connect with crew
Chat with crew on your location & keep in touch
Check info such as KCM, Wx, METAR, TAF and NOTAM for any airport in the world
Career statistics
Track your flying career with statistics about your flights and duties
Connect apps
Connect to your calendar, export to logbooks and other third party apps
Friends & family
Stay in touch with your friends in aviation & family, layover and meetup suggestions

The #1 Airline Crew app

Invented by a British Airways pilot and an Air Traffic Controller and further developed in The Netherlands by RB Group, RosterBuster has become the #1 crew app around the world. With powerful features to connect crews worldwide. Improve your work-life balance and get access to all relevant information just when you need it, by downloading the app now.
Airlines supported

Flights daily
AIMS, eCrew, AirCrews, AviaBit, ASL, CAS, CrewDock, CrewConnex, KEOPS, Flica, Leon, Meridian, Netline Crewlink, Raido, Rainmaker, Sabre, Rocade, Opsman, Merlot, Tops.

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